HBCU Basketball Association Launches

by HBCU Media

The HBCU Basketball Association

The HBCU Basketball Association; is a United States based, for profit LLC Professional Basketball League that affords professional players, coaches, and executives’ opportunities not often available at the professional level for players that attend HBCU's. The HBCUBA will launch it's inaugural season in 2023 with six teams in six states. The original six franchises will be located in Atlanta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama, Daytona Beach, Florida, Houston, Texas, Jackson, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The 2023 season will begin February 25th, 2023- June 4th, 2023. Each team is allowed to have 12 players maximum per team, with 10 being on the active roster. 

The HBCUBA prepares players for the NBA and NBA G league by playing NBA Rules.

Qualified Members of the HBCUBA Must Have: Attended a HBCU for at least one year or is currently enrolled at an HBCU. Must be 18 years or older.

Benefits of playing in the HBCUBA.

1. Opportunity to play in the first professional basketball league featuring all HBCU players.

2. Full stats of all games played

3. Live stream of all games.

4. Fully paid professional league. All players are compensated.

5. Housing for out of state players covered by team.

6. Insurance provided for all players.

7. International tours 

8. Opportunity to compete at a high level.

9. Individual player profile, uniform package, highlight video included.

10. Eurobasket certified league.